Description Edit

There are a large variety of different tree, each with its own drops.

Fruit Trees Edit

Fruit Trees can spawn randomly in any Lush, Coniferous, Forest and Plains Biomes, and will spawn en masse in Orchard Biomes. The following is a list of all Fruit Trees

Tree Sapling Leaves Drops Logs
Apple Tree Apple Sapling Apple Leaves Apple Oak Wood
Cherry Tree Cherry Sapling Cherry Leaves Cherry Oak Wood
Orange Tree Orange Sapling Orange Leaves Orange Oak Wood
Peach Tree Peach Sapling Peach Leaves Peach Oak Wood
Mango Tree Mango Sapling Mango Leaves Mango Oak Wood
Kiwi Tree Kiwi Sapling Kiwi Leaves Kiwi Oak Wood
Lemon Tree Lemon Sapling Lemon Leaves Lemon Oak Wood
Lime Tree Lime Sapling Line Leaves Lime Oak Wood
Avocado Tree Avocado Sapling Avocado Leaves Avocado Oak Wood

Tropical Trees Edit

Tropical Trees will only spawn in Tropical Hills Biomes. Unlike Fruit Trees, Tropical Trees Produce hangs from the leaves. The following is a list of Tropical Trees:

Tree Sapling Leaves Drops Logs
Palm Tree Palm Sapling Palm Leaves Palm Wood
Banana Tree Banana Sapling Banana Leaves Banana Palm Wood
Coconut Tree Coconut Sapling Coconut Leaves Coconut Palm Wood

Other Trees Edit

The Bamboo Tree only grows in the Bamboo Grove Biome and unlike other trees, the logs will collapse when one below it is broken.

Tree Sapling Leaves Drops Logs Required Block for Planting
Bamboo Tree Bamboo Sprout Bamboo Leaves Bamboo Grass
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