Description Edit

The Teapot is a block that is used to brew a variety of Herbal Teas.

Recipe Edit


A Teapot is made by smelting an Unfired Teapot. (See Pottery)

How to Use Edit

To Use the Teapot you will need to first place it above a Heater block, then you will need to fill it with water by placing a bucket of water in the top left slot of the Teapot. Then you will need to place a Mug in the bottom left slot, a Tea Leaf in the bottom middle slot and a Herb Extract in the bottom right slot. After a short time the ingredients will be consumed and a herbal tea will have been made and placed in the top right slot.


Brewing Edit

Below is a table of items that can be Brewed:

Input One Input Two Input Three Output Use
Mug Tea Leaf Chamomile Flower Chamomile Tea Cures Blindness
Mug Tea Leaf Licorice Leaf Licorice Tea Cures Mining Fatique
Mug Tea Leaf Sage Leaf Sage Tea Cures Wither
Mug Tea Leaf Rosemary Leaf Rosemary Tea Cures Slowness
Mug Tea Leaf Mint Leaf Mint Tea Cures Poison
Mug Tea Leaf Buchu Leaf Buchu Tea Cures Nausea