Description Edit

The Sheet Press is a block used to make Molds, Processors and various other things from Sheets of Metals.

Recipe Edit


The Sheet Press is crafted with 2 Iron Blocks, 4 Gold Ingots, and 2 Iron Ingots.

How to Use Edit

To use the Sheet Press you only need to insert the two items into the correct slot and wait for the machine to press them. The following is the Sheet Press UI, the arrow indicates the how close it is to being pressed.


Pressing Edit

Below is a table of items that can be pressed and what they make:

Top Input Bottom Input Output
Iron Sheet Cake Tin Mold Cake Tin
Iron Sheet Bread Tin Mold Bread Tin
Iron Sheet Cupcake Tray Mold Cupcake Tray
Iron Sheet Large Cupcake Tray Mold Large Cupcake Tray
Silicon Sheet Processor Mold Silicon Processor Base
Uncased Processor Diamond Sheet Diamond Processor
Uncased Processor Iron Sheet Iron Processor
Uncased Processor Redstone Sheet Redstone Processor