Description Edit

The Pottery system is used for making various cooking appliances, molds and utensils, such as the Teapot and Frying Pan. To start making any sort of pottery you need to find Pottery Guides, which can be found in Abandoned Farmhouses, Underground Cornucopias, Tropical Huts or made with a Soaked Book.

How to Make Pottery Edit

To start making Pottery, you'll need a Pottery Guide and some Clay. With those items, you'll be able to crafted an Unfired version of the Pottery you'll make. After receiving an Unfired Version, you can smelt it in a furnace to fire it so it's usable. In the Case you molds, you'll need to use an Iron Sheet with it in a Sheet Press to make the final version.

Pottery Guides Edit

Guide Item Recipe
Pottery Guide: Juicer Unfired Juicer
Pottery Guide: Mug Unfired Mug
Pottery Guide: Teapot Unfired Teapot
Pottery Guide: Frying Pan Unfired Frying Pan
Frying pan
Pottery Guide: Sauce Pan Unfired Sauce Pan
Pottery Guide: Cupcake Tray Mold Unfired Cupcake Tray Mold
Pottery Guide: Large Cupcake Tray Mold Unfired large Cupcake Tray Mold
Pottery Guide: Bread Tin Mold Unfired Bread Tin Mold
Pottery Guide: Cake Tin Mold Unfired Cake Tin Mold
Pottery Guide: Plate Unfired Plate

Firing Edit

After you make an Unfired item, you then need to smelt it in a furnace to harden it into a usable form. Some items can be used straight away, others will need to be put through a Sheet Press first.

Unfired Item Result Needs Sheet Press
Unfired Juicer Juicer No
Unfired Mug Mug No
Unfired Teapot Teapot No
Unfired Frying Pan Frying Pan No
Unfired Sauce Pan Sauce Pan No
Unfired Cupcake Tray Mold Cupcake Tray Mold Yes
Unfired Large Cupcake Tray Mold Large Cupcake Tray Mold Yes
Unfired Bread Tin Mold Bread Tin Mold Yes
Unfired Cake Tin Mold Cake Tin Mold Yes
Unfired Plate Plate No