Description Edit

Herbs are naturally spawning plants that can spawn in Lush, Coniferous, Forest or Plains Type Biome. Over time herbs will spread to the blocks surrounding them provided that the block is grass. The spawn rate and spread rate for herbs can both be defined separately in the mods config file.

Uses Edit

Herbs are can be harvested for a chance at dropping a leaf or flower from it. These can be used to brew a variety of Herbal Teas with a Teapot. Each different Herbal Tea cures a different condition. Below is a list of herbs, what tea they make, and its use.

Herb Herb Drop Tea Use
Chamomile Chamomile Flower Chamomile Tea Cures Blindness
Mint Mint Leaf Mint Tea Cures Poison
Sage Sage Leaf Sage Tea Cures Wither
Rosemary Rosemary Leaf Rosemary Tea Cures Slowness
Licorice Licorice Leaf Licorice Tea Cures Mining Fatique
Buchu Buchu Leaf Buchu Tea Cures Nausea