Description Edit

The Happy Harvest Bot is a block designed to help automate various tasks around your farm.

Recipe Edit


The Happy Harvest Bot can be crafted with 1 Redstone Lamp, 1 Iron Processor, 1 Diamond Processors, 4 Iron Sheets and 2 Redstone Processors.

How to Use Edit

The face shown on the Happy Harvest Bot will give an indication of any problems it is having, likewise you can right click on it if you don't know what the face means.

Hydroponics Automation Mode Edit

To automate a Hydroponics Block with a Happy Harvest Bot, you will first need to place a chest behind the Happy Harvest Bot, then put a Hydroponics Block either side, on top or below, or diagonally on top or below the Happy Harvest Bot. You will also need to provide it with seeds by placing them in the chest behind it. A Happy Harvest Bot can Automate 8 Hydroponics Blocks at a time.