Description Edit

The Frying Pan is a block used to fry certain uncooked food items.

Recipe Edit


The Frying Pan is made by smelting an Unfired Frying Pan (See Pottery)

How to Use Edit

To use the Frying Pan, you must first place it on top of a fueled Heater, then you will need to fill it with Vegetable Oil by placing Vegetable Oil in the top left slot of the frying pan this will fill the bar on the left. Once you have added vegetable oil, you can place the item you wish to fry in the bottom left slot then after a short period it will be fried and the final item will appear in the top right slot.


Frying Pan Recipes Edit

Below is a table of frying pan recipes, what they make and any byproducts:

Input Output Byproduct
Pancake Mix Pancake Bowl
Uncooked Crab Cake Crab Cake