Description Edit

The Fermenter is a block used to ferment crops and juices into delicious alcohol.

Recipe Edit


The Fermenter is crafted with 2 Glass Bottles, 4 Iron Ingots, 1 Iron Block and 2 Planks.

How to Use Edit

To use the Fermenter you will need something that can be fermented, then you can insert that into the right hand slot in the Fermenter UI, and it will fill the bar on the right slighty. Over time, the Fermenter will use up whatever is stored in it and convert it to alcohol which will fill the bar on the right hand side. By placing a Glass Bottle in the slot on the right hand side, you can take out any stored alcohol.


Below is a table of Items that can be fermented and what their respective alcohol is:

Input Output
Grape Juice Wine
Apple Juice Cider
Hops Beer