Description Edit

The Drying Rack is a block used to dry certain items.

Recipe Edit


A Drying Rack is crafted with 5 Planks and 2 Sticks.

How to Use Edit

To use a Drying Rack, right click on it with the item you wish to dry, then after a short period, if it has a drying recipe, then it will dry out and become a new item which you can get by shift right clicking on the Drying Rack.

Drying Recipes Edit

Below is a table of Items that can be dried and their respective outputs:

Input Output
Seaweed Dried Seaweed
Soaked Book Random Pottery Guide
Raw Beef Beef Jerky
Raw Porckchop Pork Jerky
Raw Rabbit Rabbit Jerky
Raw Mutton Sheep Jerky
Rotten Flesh Questionable Jerky