Description Edit

The brick oven is a block design to replace the furnace for cooking a variety of new and existing foods.

Recipe Edit


A brick oven can be made with a Metal Rack and 8 Bricks.

Items Cooked with Brick Oven Edit

The following is a table of items that can be put into the brick oven and what they give:

Input Output Byproduct
Raw Prawn Cooked Prawn
Cake Batter Cake Cake Tin
Bread Dough Bread Bread Tin
Uncooked Circle Cookie Circle Cookie
Uncooked Star Cookie Star Cookie
Uncooked Heart Cookie Heart Cookie
Uncooked Moon Cookie Moon Cookie
Chocolate Cupcake Mix Plain Chocolate Cupcake Cupcake Tray
Red Velvet Cupcake Mix Plain Red Velvet Cupcake Cupcake Tray
Sponge Cupcake Mix Plain Sponge Cupcake Cupcake Tray
Large Sponge Cupcake Mix Large Sponge Cupcake Large Cupcake Tray
Raw Squid Cooked Squid
Raw Crab Cooked Crab
Raw Oyster Cooked Oyster
Raw Lobster Cooked Lobster
Banana Bread Dough Banana Bread Bread Tin
Raw Porkchop Cooked Porkchop
Raw Beef Cooked Beef
Raw Chicken Cooked Chicken
Raw Mutton Cooked Mutton
Raw Rabbit Cooked Rabbit
Potato Baked Potato