Description Edit

The Barrel is a block used to make a variety of cheeses, store water, and to clean dirty needles with.

Recipe Edit


A Barrel is crafted with 5 Sticks and 2 Planks.

How to Use Edit

Making Cheese Edit

To begin making cheese you will need to put some cream into the barrel by right clicking on the Barrel while holding a Cream Bucket. After a period of time, the cream will become a certain type of cheese based on the conditions around the barrel. After the cheese has formed, you can right click on the barrel to get the cheese out of it.

Below is a table of the conditions required to make the four different cheeses:

Cheese Condition Required
Halloumi Cheese The Barrel must be in Sandy type biome.
Blue Cheese The Barrel must be in a Swamp type biome.
Cheddar Cheese The Barrel must be in a dark area.
Cream Cheese Any condition other than those stated above.

Cleaning Needles Edit

A Barrel is also used to clean a dirty needle. To do this you need to fill the barrel with water using a Water Bucket, then by right clicking on the barrel while holding a dirty needle it will be cleaned for you.